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Ultimate Interviews

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gianni Paci

Long before he was legal, Gianni Paci was sharing the stage with rock stars like Ace Frehley of Kiss, Steven Adler of Guns N Roses and the late Mike Starr of Alice In Chains. He’s been in the studio with the likes of Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie, Gwen Stefani), Jon Anderson (Yes, King Crimson) and Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai). Gianni even toured with the infamous Butthole Surfers, earning a dedicated spot on their live album, “Live At The Forum London,” as the band sings “Happy Birthday” to him in front of that sold-out crowd.

Photo: Ryan Jay

Having performed at music festivals like Austin City Limits in Texas, Zappanale in Germany and Musikfest in Pennsylvania, Gianni learned the ropes while in the ring, honing his craft in front of audiences far and wide. Songwriting was a talent that sprouted even earlier, as he wrote his first original piece of music at the tender age of eight. “It just seemed to pour out of me so naturally,” Gianni recalls, reflecting on his propensity towards poetically simple songs that are as alluring in their charm as they are surprising in their depth.

Gianni released two full-length albums of original material under his old pseudonym, The Pine Hollows. This work landed Gianni on the cover of Performer Magazine and helped him to establish a considerable presence in the NYC music scene.

An online feature at Tiger Beat labeled him “The Cutest Boy You’re Not Crushing On Yet,” claiming, “[Gianni] will be bursting onto the mainstream music scene soon,” while Darryl Norrell of Aquarian Weekly wrote, "Gianni’s been likened to Buddy Holly and it’s appropriate, not in the timbre of his voice but in the mannerisms and the writing, airy and innocently heart-on-sleeve.”

His first solo release, “Walking Through A Movie Scene” [EP], ups the ante, as each analog-tracked song is accompanied by a visual vignette. The cover photo was shot by up-and-coming photographer Ryan Jay, and is an homage to an early David LaChapelle work. Blackbook Magazine premiered the video for second single, “Too Good To Be True,” writing, “we’re kind of obsessed.”

Photo: Gianni Paci

This Led Zeppelin cover was performed live at Glen Cove Downtown Sounds last August, where Gianni Paci opened for The Lords of 52nd St., Billy Joel’s original backing band. “It was thrilling to partake in the living history of that show,” Gianni says, where those fabled 70’s studio musicians reunited in their own backyard.

​Gianni's raw and spirited take on “Rock and Roll” channels the essence of Robert Plantand Jimmy Page, two rock legends he adores. “I cut my teeth learning that catalog of music, and was having the time of my life singing and playing guitar that night,” he muses. Much like the widely circulated bootlegs from Zeppelin’s heyday, this lo-fi audience recording of Gianni’s rendition mirrors that vintage, “had-to-be-there” vibe. And the smoky, psychedelic animated video accompaniment, featuring what live footage of the performance exists, only deepens that classic-LP aura.

Photo: Gianni Paci
Recent Press:

5. February 8, 2017 - Atwood Magazine, Video Premiere.
4. October 31, 2016 - Impose Magazine, Video Premiere.
3. August 10, 2016 - Performer Magazine, Video Premiere.
2. May 2, 2016 - Pancakes And Whiskey, Video Premiere.
1. February 8, 2016 - Baeble Music, Video Premiere.

​“Smoked The Wrong Stuff” is now available @ giannipaci.com.
4 songs + 4 music videos. Limited edition of 1,000.

Follow Gianni on Social Media:
YouTube Channel

Gianni has chose us to premiere his video for 'Rock and Roll'. A fun, animated video backed with his performance of the Led Zeppelin classic. It's bright, entertaining and showcases Mr. Paci's talent, not only as a vocalist, but also as a guitarist. The video is produced, directed and edited by Gianni himself.

The performance is from August 12, 2016, at Glen Cove Downtown Sounds. 

We would like to thank Gianni for sharing his words, music and video with all of our members.
An amazing talent, with only the brightest future in the music world. All the best wishes!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Rose Cora Perry

Mystery Man Photography

Mystery Man Photography
Rose Cora Perry is no stranger to stages throughout North America.  Having played to audiences as large as 500,000, she can still connect on many levels to her fans and continues to lend her name to causes that mean a great deal to her.  But, who is Rose Cora Perry? For starters, she is a Musician, Songwriter, Model, Activist, Spokesperson, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The London, Ontario native has a resume that reads for someone beyond her years. Barely in her thirties, Rose has accomplished more than some only can dream of.

​​Before she was ten, she had classical voice lessons and wrote her first song. As a teenager she not only began winning modelling awards, starring in music videos, but founded her own record label and taught herself how to play the guitar. Out of her teens she was performing at reputable festivals such as Vans Warped Tour and Wakefest. She's had her music licensed to MTV and Mazda. Aside from her music career, she graduated with honours from both Fanshawe College and the University of Western Ontario and even has a black belt in Karate.

Rose has been performing on stages throughout Canada and the United States for the last six years. She's been an honourary guest to the Grammy Awards, has had her music played on countless radio stations and appeared on both Fanshawe TV and Rogers Daytime TV. You can read Rose's complete list of achievements on her Official Website.

In anticipation of the release of Rose's sophomore album 'Onto the Floor', she has released two videos to promote the singles 'Away I Go' and 'Six Feet Under'.

The music video trilogy begins with 'Away I Go'. It tells the story of a young and upcoming musician, who has the support of her partner (played by bandmate Tyler Randall), or so it seems. The video combines footage of the songstress auditioning for music executives to a dramatic visual of the heartbroken leading lady sprawled on the floor among scattered rose petals and broken glass.

Watch 'Away I Go'

Her haunting vocals compliment the lyrics and it's quite evident that what Rose has is something very special and makes her one of a kind.

It is with great honour to have had the opportunity to have Rose answer a few questions for our website. 

They say music can cross borders. Your music seems to draw from many genres. Swing, pop, punk, rock. Do you feel this is an important attribute for an artist to be so flexible when it comes to their craft?

Mystery Man Photography
RCP: Absolutely! I feel the best artists are ones who are diverse in their tastes and influences: recognizing that there is something valuable and inspiring in all art forms. While I obviously have my favourites when it comes to bands (and genres!), I think the only way to evolve as an artist and songwriter is to be ever expansive when it comes to what one draws their creativity from. Further, I think it’s important to challenge oneself as an artist and being open to new ideas, concepts and noises allows you to do just that!

​Your resume is quite impressive, from businesswoman, entertainer, model, musician, do you find it hard to juggle which hat you are going to be wearing at any given time?
​You must have been told you're a role model for many young women, or people of any age. How does that make you feel?

RCP: Indeed. The work-life-fun balance, I think, is likely difficult if not seemingly unattainable at times, to most. It’s even more difficult when as a musician/entrepreneur, you need to still work a conventional 9-5 to fund one’s dreams.

The reality is that most independent artists, such as myself, work two full-time jobs (ie: one to pay the bills and one to fulfill one’s spirit); accordingly sleep deprivation and a limited social life are very real things. However, when you’re doing what you love, it makes it worthwhile. Big dreams require sacrifice and hard work. There are no two ways about it.
With respect to being denoted a “rolemodel”, let me first say I am incredibly grateful for the many amazing people I’ve had in my own life who’ve inspired and encouraged me to reach for the stars, including, above all my mom.

She’s a remarkable woman and I truly couldn’t have accomplished a good deal of what I have without her by my side, helping me navigate both the highs and lows of the biz.
I merely hope to pay this positivity forward and help others (men and women alike, hopefully) through the power of music.

Your album 'Onto the Floor' is about to be released next month. What can your fans expect from this collection of songs? Can you also describe a bit of the writing process for this album, for example, influences, events or inspirations for the songs.
RCP: I would say that “Onto the Floor” represents me finding myself and my “true” sound as an artist. In my former bands, while I was the songwriter, the other members brought their influences into the equation when we all added our respective parts and in the process, the songs took different directions from what I had originally conceived. My first solo album too was highly experimental as I was in a very emotional state when I wrote/recorded it. I was still coming to grips with the breakup of Anti-Hero and the loss of that part of my life and identity. I don’t think I was fully ready to accept my fate as a “solo artist” and so I struggled in terms of trying to find myself/my “sound”.
Onto the Floor”, on the other hand, is unconventional BUT unapologetically so. While its direction changed several times along the way (ie: I worked on it for four years), I really couldn’t be happier with the result and honestly feel it’s my most authentic work.

Mystery Man Photography

It’s both hard and soft, aggressive and melodic, vulnerable yet strong – it’s multi-faceted and diverse just as I am as a person and a musician. I really strove with this album, in particular, to tie my roots as a classically trained vocalist into my rock’n’roll aesthetic. I worked with some incredibly talented session players and to bring things full circle, I hired the very same mastering engineer who made Anti-Hero’s “Unpretty” shine.

As far as what influenced this album? Well, life as it were! There’s definitely a lot of material which reflects on my experiences in the music biz as well as tales of lost love and betrayal. ​

​But on the converse there are also songs which celebrate the beauty of loving someone and being “in love”, as well as tunes about finding the strength within yourself to keep moving forward in times of despair.

I truly hope it resonates with people and that they hear/feel pieces of themselves in it.
You’ve worked with some non-profit organizations, how do you feel that someone in your position can help with these causes?
RCP: I think irrespective of one’s position or role(s) in life, you can ALWAYS help. There will always be others who are less fortunate who could use your assistance in some capacity. Every little bit makes a difference.
I think as someone who is in the media, it’s important to set a positive example and give back where you can. I enjoy lending my talents as a Speaker, Emcee and Performer to various non-for-profit events and encourage other artists to do so!

​Your three visions are: To Inspire, Provoke Thought, To Relate. Do you feel that with your words and music you are in fact accomplishing those visions?

RCP: All I can say is that I’m trying. I’ll leave it up to my listeners to decide if I’ve accomplished these goals.

​With everything you have already successfully accomplished, is there still anything on your 'bucket list' that you are hoping to one day cross off?

RCP: Oh so so so many things! I’d LOVE to share the stage with Steven Tyler – lending my vox to his, harmony-style. I’d LOVE to tour Europe. I’d LOVE to perform in a stadium to hundreds of thousands of people. I’d LOVE to perform on a late show. I’d LOVE to have a hit single.

The “bucket list” for any aspiring musician knows no bounds as our heads are always up in the stars.

What does it mean to you to be a Canadian artist?

RCP: It means being able to follow in the footsteps of many amazing talents like Alanis, Tegan & Sara, Matt Good, Loreena McKennitt, The Killjoys, The Gandharvas and so so many others!
Mystery Man Photography

I am grateful to have the support of my fellow Canucks and am thankful for all of the opportunities living in this great country has afforded me.​
To commemorate the release of her second single from 'Onto The Floor', Rose has released her newest video for  'Six Feet Under'.  The story is a continuation from the beautiful, yet betraying 'Away I Go'.

After being double crossed by her partner, our songstress pours out her heart from a satin lined coffin. Once again, the art direction marries both monochrome with the rich, dramatic red of Rose's jeweled dress.

Watch "Six Feet Under"
The viewer is also let in to possibly one of Rose's own personal influences. The last few lines pay homage to The Offspring's 'Gone Away'.  "..and it feels like Heaven's so far away."

It definitely leaves us anxiously waiting for the next chapter in this music video trilogy.
It's been a pleasant journey getting to know all about Rose's career. It's hard to deny that here is someone that can be an incredible role model to both young women and men, in fact women and men of all ages. Despite her already extensive list of achievements, she hasn't let it gone to her head. With the skill of story telling like fellow Canadian Alanis Morrisette, paired with the emotion provoking vocals like Norah Jones, Rose may draw from influences, but she's truly one of a kind with an incredible talent that we all are blessed to be able to witness via many multimedia channels.

She's proud of what she's done, where she's from and has some clear ideas of where she wants to go and what next to accomplish. She possesses a strong identity and is not afraid to put herself out there to do what she feels is the best for both her personal and public life. 
I wish to thank Rose for her participation in this interview. It has definitely been an honour. I wish her nothing but all the success in her future endeavors.

Special thanks to Riley Allen, from HER Records for organizing this interview and for providing all photographs from Mystery Man Photography, that have been used in this writeup.
​To Pre-Order 'Onto the Floor' and purchase other keepsakes:  HERE

To find out where Rose and The Truth Untold are performing next:  HERE

To keep up to date on Rose and The Truth Untold, be sure to follow her on social media and sign up for her newsletter on her website.

Official Rose Cora Perry Website
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Friday, August 12, 2016

BigMotorGasoline - Fuel To Burn- Album review

Courtesy of BMG
1. Change Your Mind
2. BYOT (Bring Your Own Truck)
3. Lately
4. Gwb
5.Dirty Politician
6. Borderline
7. Put It On Me
8. Vodka
9. Rain
10. Peace Of Mind
11. I Don't Care

Label: MondoTunes
Recorded at: SlyFi Chapel - Trenton, ON
​Released: June 2016

It's always a pleasant surprise when new music lands in your hands, and despite slight trepidation, you give it a listen, then two, then three, and ultimately you realize it's an incredible ensemble of songs, and soon becomes a favorite in your collection.

'Fuel To Burn', the debut album by Marmora's BigMotorGasoline (BMG), is exactly that. I was fortunate to receive a download of the album, and it has since become one of my favorites. So who are BigMotorGasoline?​

Dave, Brandon, John, Roger. Photo courtesy of BMG
Formed in the Fall of 2014 in a small town North of Belleville, Ontario, BigMotorGasoline consists of:

Dave Haywood (drums),
Brandon Tapper (bass/vocals),
John Freitas (vocals/guitar), and
Roger Dafoe (lead guitars).

Since then, BMG has written and recorded their debut album and with the convenience of self promotion via the internet, they have utilized this tool and numerous online radio stations are now spinning their tunes.

The album kicks off with an in-your-face 'Change Your Mind'. It is a combination of strong vocals, guitars, bass and drums that sets the tone of the album. From this very first song, it's clear they mean business. These guys love to rock and it's a perfect example to lure the listener into their album and keep them there.
Their first single 'Vodka' has been played as locally as Hamilton, Kingston, Montreal and as far as Australia and the United Kingdom, not to mention various cities throughout the United States.

Watch Video: Vodka
It's definitely a shot (pun intended) of great rock and roll. John's vocals are clear and straightforward, while the instruments are all complimentary to each other, including the backing vocals. 
I can see how this track would garner some airplay and great praise from Kingston's Q108 and Peterborough's The Wolf 101.5.
It makes you wonder why you are not hearing this track or any of their others more on mainstream radio, where they do belong.
The first time I listened to the songs, I instantly heard a comparison to fellow Canadian rockers Monster Truck as well as Texas rocker Tyler Bryant .  The guitar driven rock with a touch of country is evident in such tracks as 'BYOT', 'Lately' and 'Put It On Me'.  They are great rock and roll songs that I couldn't imagine people not getting up to dance to at their live shows.

'Fuel To Burn' is a fast moving CD. Southern rock feel, good time rock and roll, yet it does have the element of acoustic rock as well with personal favorites 'Peace of Mind' and 'Borderline'.

The tracks hold up remarkably well on their own, as well as a collective group. I could see these tunes getting air play alongside Glorious Sons, One Bad Son, The Black Crowes and many others who are in that genre of music.
If there was any confusion that they might be a country rock band, 'Dirty Politician' melts your face off and proves that these guys do know how to rock.  

​The guitar comes in quick and heavy, setting the mood for the rest of the song.

Personally, the track's guitar riff is reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz's 'Always on The Run'.

Watch Video: Dirty Politician

Ironically, intentional or not, it is followed by 'GWB', a nineteen second snippet of the former US President George W. Bush speaking.
Majority of the songs are radio friendly, but I think the real place these songs would shine are on the stage. 'Rain', for example, I could see being one of those songs that crowds would be asking for at live performances. It's a fantastic song and showcases how this quartet can work together and put out something simply enjoyable to listen to.

Closing out the album, much like how they opened, is 'I Don't Care'. It's another in your face rock song. Once you have reached this track you look back with fondness and realize that you just listened to something brilliant and find yourself hitting repeat for an encore.
Photo courtesy of BMG
BigMotorGasoline has successfully crossed genres with 'Fuel To Burn'. They have incorporated everything from heavy rock, country rock, acoustic and released it as a CD that everyone should have in their collection. It's a melting pot of all things that radio stations need these days.

This relatively new band may have a way to go, but they are unequivocally on the right track. By playing some shows already, they have been building their fan base. 

I have to say 'Fuel To Burn' is a great album. On a larger scale, it has something for everyone and I highly recommend any music lover to check it out. You won't be disappointed.
Special thanks to Stuart Roberts for the information, photos and links. Stay tuned to an official website, but for now you can learn more about BigMotorGasoline, and where they're playing, more photos and info on their:
Official Facebook Page
Check them out on their:
Official Reverbnation Profile
Videos found at:
Official YouTube Channel

You can purchase 'Fuel To Burn' starting August 13, 2016 at:
BMG on Amazon

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Destroyer at London's Ribfest

Destroyer brought their incredible Kiss tribute show to London's Ribfest, July 30th. Having seen the band play at Kitchener's Rock and Rumble event the prior weekend, it was an easy decision to get on the 401 and head to London.

The longer set called for more songs, which the guys did a fantastic job selecting. Including Michael Moodrey (Spaceman) doing an impressive version of Ace Frehley's 'Shock Me', complete with guitar solo.

Both Ian Kurz (Starchild) and Moe Rotondi (The Demon) were in top form, interacting with the large audience at London's Victoria Park.

Michael Chichkan (Catman) excelled again during 'Black Diamond'. He portrays Peter Criss amazingly well.

The stage included a Kiss logo lighted up behind Chichkan. It added that special touch that was lacking in Kitchener, (due to time restraints).

As they ran through songs from the vast Kiss discography, it was great to hear some of my personal favorites. They were in top form, and the crowd, including many children, loved it.

During, 'Rock & Roll All Nite', they invited some of the audience up to the stage with them. There were kids with Kiss masks as well as a tropical bird on its owner's arm enjoying the spotlight, dancing and singing along with the band.

As they did in Kitchener after their show, they generously waited around and allowed everyone to meet them, shake hands, ask for autographs and pose for photographs. Once again solidifying their spot at the top of the Kiss tributes list.

It was a great show, and we all had an amazing time seeing these guys perform. If you still haven't checked them out, be sure to follow them to find out where and when they are playing next.

Official Destroyer Facebook
Official Destroyer Website
For more photos from the show check out our Flickr.
For some videos from their show check out our YouTube Playlist.

Read our review of Destroyer at Kitchener's Rock and Rumble Day 2
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Howzat - Rough Cutz - Album Review

Photo Courtesy of Howzat
1. Haze
2. Storm
3. House of Love
4. Catching You
5. Stand Up (F.T.B.)

Produced by Rainer Wiechmann & Howzat
Recorded & Mixed at Mole Studios London, ON. Canada
Mastering by Siegfried Meier, Beach Road Mastering
All Songs Written by Kevin Rudy & Greigg Fraser

Purchase CD 

Kevin - Photo Courtesy of Howzat

Kevin Rudy (Vocals), Dave Buland (Drums/Vocals), Greigg Fraser (Guitar/Vocals) and Dale Penny (Drums/Vocals) are London's very ownHowzat

The five track EP was released this past April and since then it's been garnering positive reviews from fans and local radio stations alike.

The songs were written by vocalist Kevin and guitarist Greigg. Listening to the disc is essentially a tease of what Howzat is about and what they have to offer.

​By the time you get to track five, you want to hear more. I found myself hitting repeat on numerous occasions to listen to the songs again.

Each of them have extensive musical backgrounds. Picking up instruments when they were just teenagers. The dedication and hard work as paid off, which is evident with the release of their first album.

The influences vary between bandmembers, as do their musical resumes.

Greigg - Photo Courtesy of Howzat
Kevin started Howzat back in 1999, as an acoustic act with guitarist Greigg Fraser. A few years later, in 2013, they decided to plug in and kick out pure rock and roll that they love to play.

Greigg is no stranger when it comes to performing. He's had the opportunity to
 rub shoulders with some of Canada's greats such as Rush, Kim Mitchell, Rik Emmett and more.

Dale currently plays with two other original bands outside of Howzat. He's also performed in tribute bands honouring Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath and Bryan Adams.

Dave studied music in his native land France, and toured throughout Europe before moving to Toronto in 2004. He keeps busy performing with various bands and getting involved in other projects.

Dale - Photo Courtesy of Howzat
To find out more about Howzat, you can read full biographies on their website HERE

With this much star power, it's undeniable that you're going to hear something special from this band. With that, let's get to the cd shall we?

'Rough Cutz' kicks off with 'Haze'. Right from the get go, it's a great rock and roll tune. If anything, it's an inkling of what its fellow trackmates are going to sound like.

It has everything you want in an album opener. Rock solid drums, heavy bass, pure guitar, and clean, straightforward lyrics.

​Kevin, Greigg, Dale and Dave come together as one solid band, with each of their individual talents shining through a wonderfully produced track.

The second song off the EP is 'Storm'. The accompanying video begins with the band performing the song in what appears to be an auto junkyard. After the first chorus, you find them on stage with full lighting and crowd participation. Most likely what a typical Howzat show would be like.

The song is catchy and all around a great rock tune. 

Recently it reached #4 on Q108 Kingston Radio Top 25 chart of Indie Artists.

Watch video for 'Storm'.

Following 'Storm', is 'House of Love'. It's also their newest video. 

A visually fun video. The silhouettes of the band on a colourful background along with the lyrics and animations appearing throughout the song.

Watch video for 'House of Love'.
The infectious flow of the song is thanks to the interplay between Greigg's catchy guitar riff and Kevin's clean vocals. The guitar solo is solid with the bass and drums keeping everything in line.

Dave - Photo Courtesy of Howzat
The EP continues with more solid rock with the track 'Cathing You'. It would be a great song to hear them perform live. You can hear the chemistry between the bandmembers, and it's evident that they clearly are enjoying themselves and having fun. Would be the right sort of song to hear on mainstream radio.

The disc ends as great as it began. 'Stand Up (F.T.B.)' closes out their debut album. The track is a little heavier than its predecessor. It consists of guitar grunge sounds mingling with stabs of  bass and drums. Rounded off with the familiar strong vocals by Kevin.

The Howzat ride comes to an end after 'Stand Up (F.T.B)', but fortunately for YouTube you can find a treasure trove of live videos, including the band doing covers by Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Doucette and Kings of Leon to name a few.
For a debut album it contains everything you want as a music lover. Blistering guitars, thundering bass and drums and confident, yet not cocky, vocals. If you're a fan of AC/DC, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Poison, Skid Row,  or the dozen other bands from that genre, you're bound to enjoy Howzat, I highly recommend listening to 'Rough Cutz' and checking them out live when you can.
As a bonus, on Howzat's Official YouTube channel, I found a track that unfortunately is not on this disc. 'Smile'. Judging from the upload date, it's a few years old, but it shows a softer, acoustic side of Howzat that is easily appreciated. The guitars and vocals are gentle, a 'from the heart' song that instantly drew me in and has since become a favourite as well.​

I had a great time listening to this album and hoping to get the opportunity in the near future to see them live, which will be followed by a review. 
Kevin Rudy, Dave Buland, Greigg Fraser, Dale Penny
Photo Courtesy of Howzat
Howzat is continually touring so be sure to check them out when you can. You can keep up to date on everything Howzat on their social media sites.

Official Howzat Facebook Page
Official Howzat Website
Official Twitter 

To purchase your very own copy of 'Rough Cutz' head on over to Howzat's Official StoreAll photos courtesy of Howzat.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Destroyer - Kiss Tribute

It may have been hotter than hell downtown at Kitchener's City Hall yesterday, but that didn't stop Canada's Longest touring Kiss tribute Destroyer from putting on an amazing show. Despite the sweltering heat, they were all extremely accommodating to the crowd who surrounded them for numerous photo and autograph requests.

The band closed out Kitchener's annual 'Rock and Rumble' event Saturday afternoon. Folks gathered at City Hall for two days to enjoy music, craft beer and food from some amazing food trucks. They were also there to share in the admiration of motorcycles that were on display, as well checking out the tables set up by some local home business owners.

Shortly before 4pm, they took to the stage, for what would be their 1,130th show. Although it was my first time seeing Destroyer, by their second song I was hooked. Destroyer has indisputable passion that it takes to successfully portray the legendary band in all their full costume glory.  

They were there to rock, and despite the extreme heat wreaking havoc on their instruments, occasionally knocking them out of tune, they still gave 100%, making sure to play some of the all time crowd favorites. 

So who are Destroyer? Calling Southern Ontario home, they have toured extensively over the last 22 years.

Ian Kurz shines as the Starchild. His posturing is dead on, not to mention, his appearance, his voice and guitar skills to round off the full package.

The Peterborough native channeled Paul Stanley in all ways. Vocally, Ian did justice to the Kiss songs. Coupled with his guitar playing as well as mannerisms that made you feel like you were seeing Paul himself. 

Ian is no stranger to the live music scene. He's played at some of Toronto's hotspots, like The Opera House & Rockpile, performing his own original material. He's also had an original song on the Top 50 chart. His single 'Linger' knocked out fellow Canadian musicians, Nickelback & Three Days Grace. 

​You can find more of Ian's original music on his official YouTubechannel and Reverbnation page.

​Ian's Official Website can be found HERE

Donning the cat makeup that Peter Criss made famous and the seat behind the drumkit, is Windsor native Michael Chichkan.

Michael did an outstanding job throughout their whole set.

​Besides his talent at drumming, Michael also has a great voice, which was evident during the 1974 track 'Black Diamond' as well as backing vocals for a few other tunes.

It's always refreshing to see a drummer who can deliver that strong, heavy sounding beat, all without flaying arms and over exaggerated showmanship.

Michael looks right at home behind his drumset and was very approachable after the show with many fans who wanted a photo with him and/or autograph.

​During his fourteen years with Destroyer, he has done the Catman justice.

With the eight inch dragon head platforms, studs, chains and leather bat wings, Moe Rotondi's Demon is flawless.  

Complete with tongue wagging, growling vocals, intimidating stares and strolls around the stage, Moe could have easily passed for Gene's double. He also managed to flick as many picks into the crowd as possible, making many kids, and adults smile. 

Moe started Destroyer back in 1993 and has perfected the onstage persona of The Demon. Along with is bandmates they've recreated the icon bands' music and stage shows over the last couple of decades.

At a full Destroyer show, you can expect to see full pyrotechnics, huge Kiss sign and Moe spitting blood.

Last fall, Moe was inducted into the Windsor Music Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to Moe for that honour.

Rounding out Destroyer and stepping into the spacesuit to portray Ace Frehley's Spaceman role, is Michael Moodrey.

Being a huge fan of Frehley's, I was skeptical to see if  he could pull it off. I was instantly impressed with Michael's playing, singing and mannerisms on and off stage.  His guitar solos were spot on, singing was great and movements duplicated Ace's.

At one point, during the anthem 'Rock and Roll All Nite', Michael was down among the crowd, posing for photos all while continuing to play.

Following in the platform footsteps of his bandmates, Michael was extremely generous with his time after the set to meet the crowd.

While he may be the newest member of Destroyer, he is fantastic to watch and listen to.

The setlist ranged from early beginnings of Kiss right up to the title track off 1998's 'Psycho Circus'.

Classics like 'Cold Gin', 'Shout It Out Loud', and 'I Love It Loud' had the crowd pumping fists in the air and singing along.

​ 'Strutter', 'Detroit Rock City', 'Black Diamond', 'I Was Made For Loving You', 'Lick It Up' and 'Rock and Roll All Nite' were also included much to the delight of the crowd.

The only negative thing was that it had to end so shortly after it began. I will definitely be looking forward to checking them out again soon for the full production of a Destroyer show.
Much thanks to Ian, Michael, Moe and Michael for being very friendly, posing for photos with my son, and for putting on an amazing show for us Kitchener fans. See you all again soon!

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